Capital Supplies was founded in 2008 with the sole aim of becoming a one stop shop for all your Capital Ship needs.  Starting with just a single BPO and a desire to succeed the corporation grew into the successful supplier it is today.

Below you can find a list of all the Capital Class ships that we currently supply.

eveshipsSimply put a capital ship is any monumentally sized ship that is simply too large to be constructed in one factory process and requires two levels of construction where the first level requires construction of specific ship parts that rival the size of most ships and second level is putting the parts together entirely.

There are various types of capital ships with various functions from wartime to peace time and their size and tonnage puts them in a league of their own in price, captaining, fielding, impact, outfitting, and warfare.

Capital warships, able to transport and deploy hordes of smaller vessels into the field

ArchonArchon:  The Archon was commissioned by the Amarr Navy to act as a personnel and fighter carrier.  Sporting the latest in fighter command interfacing technology and possessing characteristically strong defenses, the Archon is a powerful aid in any engagement.


ChimeraChimera:  The Chimera’s design is based upon the Kairiola, a vessel holding tremendous historical significance for the Caldari.  Initially a water freighter, the Kairiola was refitted in the days of the Gallente-Caldari war to act as a fighter carrier during the orbital bombardment of Caldari Prime.


ThanatosThanatos:  Sensing the need for a more moderately priced version of the Nyx, Federation Navy authorities commissioned the design of the Thanatos.  Designed to act primarily as a fighter carrier for small to mid-scale engagements, its significant defensive capabilities and specially fitted fighter bays make it ideal for its intended purpose.


nidhoggurNidhoggur:  Essentially a pared-down version of its big brother the Hel, the Nidhoggur nonetheless displays the same austerity of vision evident in its sibling.  Quite purposefully created for nothing less than all-out warfare, and quite comfortable with that fact, the Nidhoggur will no doubt find itself a mainstay on many a battlefield.

Capital ships created for extended sieges of stationary installations.

RevelationRevelation:  The Revelation represents the pinnacle of Amarrian military technology.  Maintaining their proud tradition of producing the strongest armor plating to be found anywhere, the Empire’s engineers outdid themselves in creating what is arguably the most resilient dreadnought in existence.


PhoenixPhoenix:  In terms of Caldari design philosophy, the Phoenix is a chip off the old block.  With a heavily tweaked missile interface, targeting arrays of surpassing quality and the most advanced shield systems to be found anywhere, it is considered the strongest long-range installation attacker out there.


morosMoros:  Of all the dreadnoughts currently in existence, the versatile Moros possesses perhaps the greatest capacity to fend off smaller hostiles by itself while concentrating on its primary capital target.  By virtue of its protean array of point defense capabilities the Moros is single-handedly capable of turning the tide in a fleet battle.


NaglfarNaglfar:  The Naglfar is based on a Matari design believed to date back to the earliest annals of antiquity.  While the exact evolution of memes informing its figure is unclear, the same distinctive vertical monolith form has shown up time and time again in the wind-scattered remnants of Matari legend.

Capital ships, able to transport a world and a half and then some.

ProvidenceProvidence:  Even though characteristically last in the race to create a working prototype of new technology, the Empire’s engineers spared no effort in bringing the Providence into the world.  While the massive potential for profit from the capsuleer market is said to have been what eventually made the stolid Empire decide to involve themselves in the freighter business, their brainchild is by no means the runt of the litter; the Providence is one of the sturdiest freighters out there.


CharonCharon:  As the makers of the Charon, the Caldari State are generally credited with pioneering the freighter class.  Recognizing the need for a massive transport vehicle as deep space installations constantly increase in number, they set about making the ultimate in efficient mass transport – and were soon followed by the other empires.

Regardless, the Charon still stands out as the benchmark by which the other freighters were measured.  Its massive size and titanic cargo hold are rivalled by none.


ObeliskObelisk:  The Obelisk was designed by the Federation in response to the Caldari State’s Charon freighter.  Possessing similar characteristics but placing a greater emphasis on resilience, this massive juggernaut represents the latest, and arguably finest, step in Gallente transport technology.


FenrirFenrir:  Third in line to jump on the freighter bandwagon, the Republic decided early in the design process to focus on a balance between all ship systems.  True to form, their creation is comparatively lightweight – though lightweight is certainly not a term easily applicable to this giant.

Capital ships designed to be the industrial backbone of any fleet.

OrcaOrca:  The Orca was developed as a joint venture between Outer Ring Excavations and Deep Core Mining Inc as a vessel to help meet the demands of New Eden’s industry and provide a flexible platform from which mining operations can be more easily managed.

The Orca uses much of the technology developed by ORE for the Rorqual and integrated with the latest advancements from Deep Core Mining research division has developed a vessel which offers a diverse role to all sizes of operations and needs.


RorqualRorqual:  The Rorqual was conceived and designed by Outer Ring Excavations in response to a growing need for capital industry platforms with the ability to support and sustain large-scale mining operations in uninhabited areas of space.

To that end, the Rorqual’s primary strength lies in its ability to grind raw ores into particles of smaller size than possible before, while still maintaining their distinctive molecular structure. This means the vessel is able to carry vast amounts of ore in compressed form.

Additionally, the Rorqual is able to fit a capital tractor beam unit, capable of pulling in cargo containers from far greater distances and at far greater speeds than smaller beams can. It also possesses a sizeable drone bay, jump drive capability and the capacity to fit a clone vat bay. This combination of elements makes the Rorqual the ideal nexus to build deep space mining operations around.

Due to its specialization towards industrial operations, its ship maintenance bay is able to accommodate only industrial ships, mining barges and their tech 2 variants

In addition to the above ships, we can supply pilots with the following items to get them up and running.


  • Capital Modules
  • Fighters and Fighter Bombers
  • Capital Ammo